Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Cassava Slag Dryer

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Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Cassava Slag Dryer Empty Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Cassava Slag Dryer

Post  juice on Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:15 am

Cassava slag is a byproduct of starch factory and alcohol plant, which is easy to stick to the wall with high viscosity, so it will affect the normal production of the drying machine. The cassava slag dryer produced by our company can dry all kinds of cassava with high water content to below 12% for once. Cassava slag dryer is the national patent technology, which is configured with special temperature device, material raising device and scattering device, which effectively avoids the sticking and blocking up phenomena. The material has good color, excellent quality, energy saving and environmental protection after the drying process, the cassava slag dryer is highly praised by new and old customers. As we know, the improvement of its working efficiency is crucial, so our experts will talk about the related methods:

1. Reduce the particle size of materials.

If the particle is smaller, the uniformity in the system of stagnation tendency is smaller; on the other hand, the smaller the particle size, the greater heating area will be, the higher the evaporation intensity it will cause. Large granular material group is in contrast to form gas layer and the hard layer, so, when drying the clay or shale, the material should be crushed first.

2. Even feeding.

Even feeding is a premise of material flow. On one hand, it can guarantee the heat load equilibrium and thermodynamic system stability of the dryer, thereby improving the service life of drying machine and electric dust collector; on the other hand, it also can make the exhaust gas temperature easy to control.

3. The change of feeding mode.

The cassava slag dryer almost adopts chute feeding. Because of high furnace temperature and load changes, the pipe is easy affected by the erosion, oxidation and heating gas, the deformation and damage are very serious, and their replacement is very troublesome. In order to extend the service life of the tube, the inclined chute can be changed into groove plate form for the straight pipe, the straight pipe should be built into the furnace wall, so as to avoid the high temperature oxidation and hot gas erosion; the lower section is a chute board, which is connected by straight pipe down to the material, and then enters into the drying machine along the slope.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing of iron scrap dryer, limestone dryer machine and other commonly used mining equipment, welcome to visit and cooperate with us. Thank you!
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