How to Improve the Efficiency of the Sand Machine?

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How to Improve the Efficiency of the Sand Machine?

Post  juice on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:11 am

All kinds sand making equipments of the sand making line such assand making machine and so on are also increasing demanded.But some customers don't know the use process of these sand making equipment ,which can't improve the working efficiency of the sand making machine and even usually cause unnecessary material losses. Then how to improve the efficiency of the sand making machine?

The solutions work of a sand making machine: the centrifugal force and the materials of the anti-rejection tube wall impact the material tray in the cone cavity of the rotor.After pressing, extrusion, breaking the low level to realize automatic cone between rotor of along the slope, so it breaks the cracks of minerals, and the material move to hit more small website wallboard, including violence position, tapered spiral space, a large amount of ore support from a disk into a hopper material broken, which give birth to a failure or a large number of tiny crack.

The specific measures of improving the efficiency are as follows:

1. Avoid the materials in the centrifugal force tray further dividing into smaller particles scattered use.In cylindrical rotor cavity, these materials being broken material grinding of the scale, until customer separation material crushing.

2.The correct operation and equipment maintenance of a sand making machine:the correct operation and equipment maintenance of a sand making machine should begin with the opening pressure testing room,and the Maniipulator is due attention blocked or Eddie fan and feed feed feed size, bulk solid, when center in time they clearly shows that, at which time should immediately stop feeding and reset to stop running the conveyor belt,appliances and conveying system, otherwise the pressure fan will dead.

3. The dealing of sand should according to the following order: the construction of the waste materials group emptying specified above, or it will take the PL vertical conveyor belt and the sand conveyor whose emphasis is not the sand.

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