How to Improve the Drying Efficiency of Lignite Dryer

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How to Improve the Drying Efficiency of Lignite Dryer Empty How to Improve the Drying Efficiency of Lignite Dryer

Post  juice on Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:49 pm

Lignite dryer or lignite coal dryer is a drying machine mainly used for drying lignite coal. Traditional drying method adopts centrifugal machine for dehydration, and the equipment is expensive and has low production capacity and small dehydration extend. Generally it can only reduce about 10% of the water and there is still 15%-20% of water content. Lignite rotary dryer adopts the new technology of first crushing and scattering the lignite coal and drying it with heating power, making the drying disposal of the materials realize continuity, industrialization and automation. The water content of the moist lignite coal processed by brown coal dryer can be reduced from 25%~30% to below 13%, and the moist lignite coal can be used as bunker coal, thus improving the coal washing and dressing technology and having excellent economic, social and environmental benefits.

To improve the thermal efficiency not only can improve the yield of lignite dryer, but also can reduce the production cost. China Fote Machinery heavy industry through constant explore concludes several methods to improve the thermal efficiency of lignite dryer:

1. Select the appropriate heat source device. China Fote Machinery lignite dreyr adopts automatic device in the heat source, which can reduce the unnecessary heat loss by manual operation.

2. Between the two ends of the cylinder and the cylinder adopt thin stainless steel plate for sealing. This sealing method is a kind of new type sealing device, with the advantages of high temperature resistant, sound proof and air proof, which greatly improve the thermal efficiency of lignite dryer.

3. According to the moisture content of materials to choose the appropriate hot-blast temperature and blower air volume, reducing the heat loss.

4. Choose suitable roller structure and rotation speed, thus make the materials uniformedly distribute inside the lignite dryer, and reduce the heat loss.

5. Intensify the patrol to the lignite dryer, reduce and eliminate the leakage phenomenon.

three-cylinder dryer:


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