Four Methods to Improve the Rotor Life of Impact Crusher

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Four Methods to Improve the Rotor Life of Impact Crusher Empty Four Methods to Improve the Rotor Life of Impact Crusher

Post  juice on Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:02 am

Impact crusher and crusher long-term work in harsh conditions, which exacerbate the rotor bearing wear. Without rotor, crusher does not work, the rotor plays irreplaceable role on crusher. However, it is also fragile, switched bearing is not only expensive, but also very difficult to replace, often resulting in production lost. How to take effective measures to improve the life of impact crusher rotor bearing are our customers in the course of most concern. We need to pay more attention on its normal situation:

1. Make reasonable adjustment with the relationship between each other. Impact Crusher rotor bearing withstand the impact load, the size of the load suffered by the rolling body is not the same, the impact load under the joint effect is the maximum force, the inner and outer rings of the rolling body raceway also here in contact with the rolling body, getting the largest force. The inner ring does continual rotation, the point of contact on the track by the maximum force and then to force minimum continuous loop, so it is needed to make the inner ring tightly, so it will not produce a point to stay in the force.

2. Make the right choice of rotor bearing model. Double row spherical roller bearings have a strong bearing capacity, aligning performance advantages, so these bearings are more chose as rotor bearing. In addition, in the calculation of the selected bearing life, 5000 ~ 10000h should be appropriate.Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make Fote Heavy Machinery become the exporting base of china impact crusher, impact pulverizer and famous grinding equipment in China. What Hongxing has done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market.

3. Improve the accuracy of the rotor balance. Impact crusher has big rotor quality, high speed, rotor mass deviation caused by the rotor casting deviation and mounting plate hammer will generate unbalanced centrifugal force when the rotor rotates. The centrifugal force of the machine produce forced vibration, leading to the bearings and other mechanical damage to the crusher, so rotor balance test must be carried out. If the rotor diameter is small, we can change the blocking plate quality on both sides of the rotor body. If the diameter of the rotor body is big, the counterweight can be welded to the wall of the rotor in vitro.

4. Improve the crusher bearing force status; Adding rubber plate can increase the support softness, thereby absorbing a part of the vibration energy and improving the bearing stress condition, to achieve the purpose of prolonging lifetime.

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