Crushing Slag Processing Brings New Hope

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Crushing Slag Processing Brings New Hope Empty Crushing Slag Processing Brings New Hope

Post  juice on Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:54 pm

The approach to dealing with the slag uses the slag and the primary slag as raw materials. The processing technology includes cold abandoned method, hot pour method, splashing cold plate method, water quenching method. Generally, it uses a closed loop production process which is respectively composed by the process of crushing and screening, vacuum ball milling, classification and wind dry magnetic separation to receive four high-quality and high value-added products, which namely means that the steel scrap with a iron content greater than 90 % of high-quality can be used for high-grade iron powder iron that can be used as a cement and concrete admixture of high activity for high-grade steel slag powder and the road surface of asphalt concrete surface layer of steel slag aggregate. After the entire production process completed, it can achieve zero emissions slag with no pollution.

As with the slag processing, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. specialized in producing those kinds of equipment, such as the jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, CS cone crusher, LM vertical mill. The slag can be effectively handled through well-designed production line. The crushing and screening lines use the system of master, chain, monitoring, which realized a fully automated production and the production is more scientific and rational, easier to use, it has greatly improved the productivity. The production line of the steel slag crushing and delivery system has installed dust removal device and took a fully enclosed operation, which effectively reduce the dust emissions. The entire production process is composed by two jaw crusher, a fine break CS series cone crusher, five iron removal process, five screening and other process, which forms the deep processing of steel slag granulation process of a 'three-breaking five selected five screening'. The process has the characteristics of high magnetic selection ability, good recovery of ferrite and the ferrite content in tailings has reduced by 17% or less, which greatly improves the active ingredients of steel production.

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