Double Roll Crusher Knowledge Introduction

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Double Roll Crusher Knowledge Introduction Empty Double Roll Crusher Knowledge Introduction

Post  juice on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:11 pm

How much do you have a knowledge of double roll crusher? Here I will share with you. Hongxing double roll crusher with about 20 years history is pretty popular home and abroad. Driving mechanism is made up of two motors, through v-belt transmission to the Geneva wheel to drive the roller, according to the relative rotation direction. The broken material, material from the feed port, through the roller, the rolling and broken, broken after the finished product out from beneath the chassis.

The adjustment of the discharging granularity: with a wedge or gasket between the two roller adjustment device, adjusting bolt, wedge at the top of the device when the adjusting bolt will wedge pulled up, wedge rolling activity to the top from the fixed wheel, namely two roller clearance greatens, discharging granularity, when the wedge downward, activities under the action of the roller in a compression spring two rounds of smaller clearance, discharge size smaller. For the sake of safety, transmission parts should be according to the actual situation to install safety cover.Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make Hongxing Machinery become the exporting base of toothed-roll crusher, rock impact crusher and famous grinding equipment in China. Interested in our products? Send us an email into for more details?

Double roll crusher bearings for machine full load, so good lubrication for the bearing life has a great relationship, it directly affects the service life of machine and availability, and requirements into lubricating oil must be clean and seal must be good, the machine's main oil (1) the rotation bearing (2) roll bearing (3) all the gear bearing, sliding plane (4) activities. The tire of the newly installed prone to loosening should be checking regularly. Pay attention to each part of the machine to know whether it works normally. Pay attention to check the easy wear parts wear degree, attention to replace the worn parts at any time.

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