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Rod Mill Knowledge Introduction Empty Rod Mill Knowledge Introduction

Post  juice on Tue Oct 21, 2014 6:37 pm

In order to avoid increasing the shoulder and the hollow journal bearing lining wear, both main base plates bearing the elevation difference, per meter length should not exceed the range of the limited. Second, install the rod mill barrel, according to the actual situation, can be pre-assembled on the entire barrel department directly mounted, also can be divided into several parts of the installation, and adjustment should be checked with the centerline of the journal and the rod mill, the concentricity error must ensure that each meter length should be low within the specified range. During installation, technical standards should be measured and adjusted. CRod mill installation procedures: what is the process when install a rod mill.

Check the radial swing differential ring gear and pinion meshing performance; reducer and pinion concentricity; and a motor and gear concentricity. When all the installations meet the requirements then you can be last watering of the foundation bolts and main bearing plate, this complete the rod mill installation process. rod mill installation procedures: operation and maintenance Before operation. Check whether the rod mill and classifier hinder the operation of the surrounding debris, let rod mill transferred by crane plate a circle and then loose ball bearing and ore in barrel, check if the ring gear and pinion meshing, with or without abnormal noise. Startup sequence is to first start the ball lubricating oil pump, and then start the rod mill, and then start the grading machine. So everything is working properly, you can start painting the mine. During operation The machine during operation, but also need to always pay attention to the bearing temperature must not exceed 50 ~ 65 ° C. Should always pay attention to the motor, voltage, current temperature, sound and so on.

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