Wide Range of Fuels of Cement Rotary Kiln

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Wide Range of Fuels of Cement Rotary Kiln Empty Wide Range of Fuels of Cement Rotary Kiln

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The cement rotary kiln is mainly used for calcining cement clinker, divided into the dry method production equipment and the wet type production equipment. Clinker rotary kiln is widely used in steel works in the metallurgy industry for magnetizing roasting of poor iron ore ; oxidizing roasting of chromium and nickel iron ore; roasting high aluminum vanadium and soil ore pellets in refractory plants; roasting clinker and aluminum hydroxide in aluminum manufacturers and roasting chrome ore and powder in chemical plants . The limestone rotary kiln (i.e. the active lime kiln) is used for roasting active lime in steel works and ferroalloy plants and light roasting dolomite.

Rotary kilns can be fired with a wide range of fuels. As heat transfer in the calcining zone is largely by radiation, and as the infra-red emissivities increase in the sequence gas, oil and solid fuel, the choice of fuel can have a marked effect on heat usage. Radiation and convection losses from the kiln are high relative to other designs of lime kiln. A feature of rotary kiln is that sulphur from the fuel, and, to a lesser extent from the limestone, can be expelled from the kiln in the kiln gases, without over-burning the lime, by a combination of controlling the temperature and the % CO in the calcining zone. Thus high reactivity, low sulphur limes can be produced using relatively inexpensive high sulphur fuels – subject to any emission limits for SO2 in the exhaust gases.

In the rotary kiln gas flow of fuel combustion and heat transfer process has a direct impact,and also affects the normal operation of rotary kiln and the quality of the product, production. The resistance of the gas through the kiln shell mainly come from the fluid frictional resistance in the kiln.The resistance in the kiln mainly depends on the size of the gas flow rate.In general the rotary kiln fluid resistance is 5 a 10 pa per meter long .Rotary kiln 'zero' pressure points a general control near the kiln head,It can be roughly estimated according to the length of the kiln simplified preheater premises to pressure.

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