The application of a common rotary kiln

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The application of a common rotary kiln Empty The application of a common rotary kiln

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The inflow of rotary kiln drying belt is provided with a chain device, it can increase the drying with heat transfer area, and can make use of the flexible chain, with the help of rotary kiln chain weight in the operation process of mutual collision, preventing scab. Tin concentrate roasting kiln feed moisture 25%, material viscosity, easy bonding in rotary kiln tube wall, so at a distance from the tail 2.4-15 meters within a section hanging chain. Rotary kiln chain every 60 in a row, axial cross, each row of 5-6 segment. Its disadvantage is the wear of cylinder of rotary kiln. In the rotary kiln chain belt, a type of rotary kiln, to a metal ring as heat exchange medium material filtering preheater, heat exchanger to strengthen rotary kiln drying preheating ability or enhance the cooling machine cooling effect, in a rotary kiln preheating and cooling machine equipped with various forms of heat exchanger.

In our country industrialized, city to change viatic at the same time, the social material consumption is increasing rapidly, accompanied by a large number of waste. This requires the rotary kiln to help deal with, in some from industrial or medical system in waste on the environment, because of its great destructive as well as for human and livestock health threat and the need for special treatment, so the industrial and medical waste in rotary kiln play a role, usually people love by rotary kiln incineration method because of the disposal of hazardous waste at the same time can realize quantitative reduction, harmless and resource, is considered to be the most effective method for the disposal of hazardous waste, hazardous waste concentrated disposal in China is the center of the main methods used. With the increase of hazardous waste treatment and increase in size, we started to use the new rotary kiln treating industrial waste : Exploration and practice.Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make Hongixng become the exporting base of china cement mills and famous grinding equipment in China. What Hongxing has done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to develop market.

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