Rock Cone Crusher Used In The Mining Industry

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Rock Cone Crusher Used In The Mining Industry Empty Rock Cone Crusher Used In The Mining Industry

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Upon first glance, a cone crusher does not look like a cone. It actually is a large, rounded metal container with several industrial-strength springs circling its body. Cone crushers get their name from their inner-workings, in which a large amount of rocks are held in the top, but the opening gets slimmer toward the bottom, where the actual crushing happens.

The crushing takes place between the central shaft and a crushing plate, known as the mantle. Many times, a side industry is created from the crushed rock by selling it as gravel for driveways. All crushers have a limited reduction ratio meaning that size reduction will take place in stages.

Primarily, the use of a cone crusher is in the mining industry, but it also is used in other situations. One of the main ways a mining company uses this tool is to facilitate the moving of carved rock from mining shafts more easily. Similarly, construction and demolition crews use a crusher for the same purpose when excavating a particularly rocky area.

The number of stages is guided by the size of the feed and the requested product. Rock cone crusher capacity is primarily determined by the closed side discharge setting and the diameter of the cone's mantle. The breakage criterion and the number and size of the post breakage progeny particles on the predicted failure of the parent particles were determined from the results of an analysis of the experimental data obtained from diametrical compression tests conducted on series of granite ballast particles.

Cone crusher capacity will be increased if the maximum final target product size and everything smaller is scalped (removed) prior to being fed into the crusher. The effects of the closed size setting (CSS) and eccentric speed settings on the predicted product size distribution compare favourably with the available data in the literature.

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