The Stone Production Line Components Introduction

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The Stone Production Line Components Introduction Empty The Stone Production Line Components Introduction

Post  juice on Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:15 pm

Gravel plant is used in various types of stone crushing, whether large enterprises still need fine ore powder enterprises, compared with the traditional device has the characteristics of big crushing ratio, uniform particle size, reliable work, convenient repair, operation cost, can be used in mining and road building, the compression strength is not broken more than 320m. Coarse broken after stone by transmission equipment to counter or stone crusher two broken. Fine after the stone into the shaker screen gives two stones, satisfy the stone mechanism of feed particle size of stone making machine, the other part of regurgitation feeding into the fine crushing, know the size is appropriate, and then sent to the stone making machine made stone operation. The stone production line to a production line, production, reduce energy consumption.

The stone production line is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, mining vibrating screen, belt conveyor, impact crusher, stone making machine and other equipment that. In order to meet customer demand for different processing, can be equipped with cone crusher, dust removal equipment etc. Stone production process, and belongs to the field of non-metallic mineral processing. First, large pieces of stone is composed of coarse crushing jaw crusher.Product material to produce separate. stone stone crusher machine equipment mainly refers to the jaw crusher, with high strength materials, advanced manufacturing processes, structure has higher strength, higher equipment reliability, broken than larger, higher yield, lower comprehensive cost advantage.

Because the gravel plant models are not the Hongxing, the physical properties of crushed material is different, choose in the selection of suitable for crushing equipment for their own. People first consider in the purchase of the gravel plant is the price, in the science and technology developed today, Internet has entered people's life, all kinds of false information, the customer is very difficult to distinguish, users are advised to carry in the spot investigation, so as to better understanding of the product.

mobile crusher plant:


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