Cow Dung Dryer Turning Waste Into Treasure

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Cow Dung Dryer Turning Waste Into Treasure Empty Cow Dung Dryer Turning Waste Into Treasure

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With the development of agriculture, agricultural by-products has been taking more attention. Manure's pollution on environment is increasing, but the dung is rich in nutrients and trace elements which is a good organic fertilizer. Make a large pile of manure in an area of your yard with little traffic. If the smell of manure bothers you, put it as far away from your home as possible.

cow dung dryer as an organic compound fertilizer, not only turning waste into treasure, but also can reduce environmental pollution and prevent the spread of the disease. With good economic and social benefit. Our cow dung dryer as a corollary equipment of organic compound fertilizer production line, can make fine particles. Meanwhile it can be used not only as culture medium, planting edible fungus agaricus bisporus, but also can be used as breeding the feed of turtle, fish, snails, chicken, duck, and others.Scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make Hongxing Machinery become the exporting base of cow manure dryer, cow dung dryer and famous grinding equipment in China. Interested in our products? Send us an email into for more details?

Spread the manure out in an even layer. Ideally, the layer of manure should be no more than 6 inches deep. A thin, even layer of manure will ensure a quick, even drying process. Dried Cow Dung can be used as organic fertilizer and fuel, etc. Cow Dung is considered as 'cold' manure since it is moister and less concentrated than most other animal manure. It breaks down and gives off nutrients fairly slowly.

Cow dung dryer is also an optional ingredient in the manufacture of adobe mud brick housing depending on the availability of materials at hand. Also known as 'cow chips' when dry, it is used in the practice of 'cow chip throwing' popularized in Beaver, Oklahoma in 1970. It can be an especially good source of beneficial bacteria, because of the complex bovine digestive system.

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