Cement Vertical Mill Structure Introduction

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Cement Vertical Mill Structure Introduction Empty Cement Vertical Mill Structure Introduction

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Disc fixed to the gear unit on a vertical shaft, driven by a gear disc rotation. .The main difference is the grinding roller and disc structure different combinations. Roller horizontally moving on a circular path in the disc, through an externally applied in vertical pressure on the roller, so that the material on the disc is being squeezed and shearing can be crushed. Separator is the important component to ensure product fineness , which consists of transmission, rotor, guide blades, housing, meals blanking cone hopper, the outlet and other components.cement mill' align='left' width='240' height='150' />

Cement production line vertical mill consist of the separator, roller, disc, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components. Full set of sand production line equipment use for crushing of soft or hard material. Sand production line is a special equipment for production construction sand, stone , ore production machine is the representative of sand production equipment equipment, its typical use is to adapt the current artificial sand industry, is the cone crusher, rod mill sand machine, impact crusher, sand making replacement straight-new fifth-generation products. Different types of vertical mill millstone has different shapes, disc consist of the disc seat, liner, backgauge rings and other components

Roller is the main component for material grinding ,which consists of sets, the roller core, shaft, bearings and roller bracket and so on. Each mill has 2-4 grinding rollers. Cement production line vertical mill equipment has different forms, but its structure and working principle is basically the Hongxing. Pressure device is an important component to provide grinding pressure,which consists of high-pressure oil stations, hydraulic cylinders, rod, accumulators, etc.,it can put enough pressure on the roller so that the material crushed. Pressure device can also a spring.

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