Using Rod Mill Has Been a Trend

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Using Rod Mill Has Been a Trend Empty Using Rod Mill Has Been a Trend

Post  juice on Tue Oct 28, 2014 11:25 pm

We should clean our rod mill in time. Rod mill is used less now, it mainly used in coal chemical industry of coal water slurry preparation, quartz sand, silica sand, sand aerated, tungsten ore, potassium sodium feldspar, bauxite, and other industries. But using rod mill is a trend. Now the using of the rod mill is more and more international, it may have a great relationship with the changes in the grinding process, the concept of more crushing less grinding is accepted by more and more people. We’d better to choose the appropriate lubricating oil in using process, because the improper lubrication is the important factor of rod mill production downtime.

Nowdadys, domestic rod mill industry develop slow. Most people used steel rolling round steel, round steel belongs to raw materials and used for wear resistant steel.It is obviously not scientific,because its hardness is low, only about HRC12 degree. Round steel internal profit not lift (easily broken bar); Round steel internal organization loose not tight and so on. Because of these defects, it can appear round steel used for grinding rod wear large steel rod (consumption), bend, rupture, winding, two head nozzle, low yield, short of expectations percent of pass, the follow-up issues of magnetic separation process workload big.

Henan Hongxing relys on years of experience in development and production of wear-resistant materials, is committed to producing the highest quality wear-resistant dedicated grinding rod rod mill service. After years of research and development, and finally successfully developed a new type rod. The rod mill is well known and it is used more widely. If we don’t do a clean,it can also appear some problems, mainly the line will be the problem such as short circuit. When we use the related equipment for rod mill confidential fastening work. This unique bar low abrasion, chemical composition, hardness (HRC45-55), strong toughness, high after the conditioning to remove the internal stress, good, straightness. It is not easy curved and two head nozzle.

At the present, Hongxing Machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of screw classifiers, coal mill and free service for assembling various kinds of production line. Send us an email into for more details?
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