The Difference between Sintering Production ProcessesThe Difference between Sintering Production Processes

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The Difference between Sintering Production ProcessesThe Difference between Sintering Production Processes

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Do not benefit from such a meticulous concentrate sintering, poor ventilation, affect the amount and quality of sinter increased, while the pellet production line treated is very appropriate, because too small and easy to concentrate into a ball, the more fine grain size, into a ball of healing well, the higher pellet strength. Finished mine has different shapes: sinter ore is porous irregular lumps, while pellets are regular shape 10 ~ 25mm sphere, uniform particle size than sinter ore size, the micro pores are more, reproduction is good, high strength, and easy storage, is conducive to strong blast furnace.

Solid block form different mechanisms: sinter ore is by consolidation phase, in order to ensure the strength of sintered ore, required to produce a certain amount of liquid, mixing compound must have a fuel to provide heat for the sintering process. And pellets owners are rely on high temperature recrystallization consolidation of mineral powder particles, do not need to produce liquid, heat is provided by fuel combustion within the roaster, without fuel in the mixture. Method for processing raw pellets production line from magnetite extended to hematite, limonite and a variety of iron dust, chemical sulphate slag; From the product point of view, not only can it manufacture conventional oxide pellets, can also produce reduction pellets, metal pellets, etc.; while pellet method is suitable for non-ferrous metal recycling, there is conducive to utilization.

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