Hongxing Cement Production Line Significantly Improved

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Hongxing Cement Production Line Significantly Improved Empty Hongxing Cement Production Line Significantly Improved

Post  juice on Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:57 pm

In the dawn of the 21st century, with the adjustment of industrial structure ,build advanced technology, low investment, good product quality big and middle sized precalciner kiln production line will be one of the key tasks of cement industry. In order to accomplish these objectives, we must strengthen the development of technology and equipment,which are:cement kiln' align='left' width='260' height='160' />

1.Reinforce the raw material homogenizing technology research, expanding low-grade raw materials and industrial waste applications. To further strengthen from mining to the front of the raw meal grinding homogenization, gradually reduce or cancel the raw meal homogenization and storage.

2.Further improve the preheater, calciner technical performance, developing two pivot slot gear with the new structure of the rotary kiln, firing windy road burners and other equipment. Expand fuel varieties and reinforce low quality coal with low calorific value fuels and industrial waste tires, waste plastic Utilization.

3.Abrasive the development and application of two reversible without grate hammer crusher, raw meal grinding roller system and cement systems as well as pre-grinding, finish grinding roller press systems and roller mill system. While strengthening the existing crushing, grinding equipment and technology re-development work,make the cement power consumption drops less 90KWh / t.

4.Accelerate the popularization and application of PMIS and CMIS system, while strengthen the cement production line process control and optimization of intelligent control software research based on DCS and other specialized software development,to maximize improve product quality and yield, reduce energy consumption, improve equipment operation rate.

5.Research and develop dust collecting equipment, reduce the concentration of NOx and SO2 emissions and combustion device,in order to meet the more stringent environmental regulations in the 21st century.

6.Accelerate development and application that is conducive to increasing labor and production efficiency. Such as transportation, packaging, storage, clinker and cement in bulk and kiln demolition, brick machine equipment, etc.

7.Reinforce the application of cement production equipment require materials to, improve the performance of the equipment; such as high performance wear-resistant metal material, metal-ceramic materials, refractory materials and thermal insulation materials.

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