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The third generation of mobile crushing plant feeding the maximum size of general should be strictly the technical performance parameters table size, no greater than a specified size of the material into the stone making machine. mobile crushing plant developed Henan Hongxing mobile crushing plant company will generally use two kinds of feeding methods: central feeding and waterfall down feed. Maximum water stone material rate is 20%, the washing out of the ore can be directly into the mechanism of sand. Hongxing mobile crushing plant, simple announcement about the basics of stone making crusher' align='left' width='260' height='160' />

Discharging product size related to ore properties and particle size of feed ore stone making machine, fragile, feed particle size is small, the particle size of the product qualified rate is higher, whereas low, change the impeller speed, but also adjust the product size. The third generation of mobile crushing plant working principle: the stone from the upper impact type system mobile crushing plant straight into high-speed rotating wheel, at high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella type approach to produce high speed flow in the wheel around the impact block impact and high density of crushing, stone in the mutual fight, will form a vortex motion between the turntable and the chassis caused many against each other, friction, crushing, until it is broken into the required size.

The machine before the installation, should be checked according to the packing list, check the various parts in the transport process has no damage, spare parts and spare parts are complete. In the actual production, the general need to fix on the stone or steel structure, foundation should be able to withstand the weight of 4 times. According to the mobile crushing plant production site , the installation should be leveling so that its main axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. mobile crushing plant should be set above the lifting equipment, lifting equipment capacity according to the gold processing machine maximum weight into account, a lifting space should be above the stone making machine, keep proper space at one side of the stone making machine, for maintenance use.

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