Preparations of Aluminum Gray Rod Mill Is Key

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Preparations of Aluminum Gray Rod Mill Is Key Empty Preparations of Aluminum Gray Rod Mill Is Key

Post  juice on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:55 pm

Preparations of aluminum gray rod mill is Key. For the use of aluminum ash rod mill, ready to run is also equally important, the focus of many of the user during use of the device, often to be used all at runtime, while ignoring the preparatory work before the aluminum gray rod mill using, if the preparation work before running welldone, you can make your use of the process becomes more clean and orderly, and there are certain programmatic.

First, the first need of the device is to clean up production workshop, the placement of equipment and tools neat, easy to use available during subsequent runs. Second, aluminum ash rod mill components for inspection and cleaning, specifically including whether the device has sundry, feed end and discharge end has obstructions, exhaust systems and dust removal system has attachments, bearings and cleanliness related transmission parts is normal and so on.

The cleanliness of the inner workings of the system relates to whether the normal operation of critical equipment, and can be formulated according to the intensity of work and the use of equipment related to the internal status of cleanup intermittent periods, which can effectively maintain the equipment properly operation is not affected by their own factors.

Third, check whether the aluminum ash rod mill all fastening members appear loosening phenomenon, check the use of safety and control equipment reliability of the circuit, which is the last inspection of the equipment before running, its role is to protect the safe operation of equipment. With the development of the reform and opening up, the mine production puts forward some new building materials processing, and the majority of users of the finished product ore grain shape, the granularity of requirement is correspondingly improved. Crushing technology development is rapid, crusher manufacturers enters the market, exacerbating the industry competition. Double roll crusher develop low technology, maximize equipment production.

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