The Classification of Belt Conveyor Changing Direction

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The Classification of Belt Conveyor Changing Direction Empty The Classification of Belt Conveyor Changing Direction

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When belt conveyer changes the direction during the running,, the realization method of the variable can be divided into three kinds of methods ,the conveyor series lap, forced to run and nature changed. Conveyor series lap is changing the two conveyor lap up implementation to another by a conveyor transfer mode. So, it can make an arbitrary Angle change to but not restricted, but the conveyor system which is complex ,uses the equipment, and gives a series of questions of technology and economic.BELT CONVEYOR' align='left' width='260' height='230' />

Belt conveyor is widely used in various industries. In order to make the belt conveyor better job, we are going to solve key fault .We should pay attention to the size of the installation accuracy and daily maintenance. Henan Hongxing introduce the reasons of deviation of belt conveyor running, we need maintenance according to the different reasons for the difference way.

Some literature mentioned: 'a typical transfer point 9 of long distance belt conveyer with variable to reprint, on the material used to raise each year to transfer point energy costs more than $35000, conveyor if use 40 years, spent on transfer cost more than $1.5 million”. Therefore, this method is to be being washed out gradually. Forced to is a special conveyor belt conveyor with special structure or in the change a setting to the special parts to force to the method of turning device is a kind of air cushion type.

The change of nature is not need special conveyor belt or special parts, also need not increase equipment, just by turning on the structure adjustment to achieving the purpose of turn. Naturally it expands the application range of linear belt conveyor. The main parts structure without changing, just make some adjustment on the turn period, therefore, this method is becoming more and more popular.

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