Factors of Rapid Wear of Vibrating Screen

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Factors of Rapid Wear of Vibrating Screen Empty Factors of Rapid Wear of Vibrating Screen

Post  juice on Wed Sep 10, 2014 2:03 am

Factors of Rapid wear of vibrating screen generally include the problem of :the quality of the screen net, the tension strength of the screen net, material feeding, etc.

1. The problem of the screen quality is an important factor causing the screen net damage fast.If the material of the screen net can not reach screening requirements of the materials, the damage of the screen will be quickly. We list the announcements such as the classification of the screen net and how to choose the right screen for our customers when they choose a vibrating screen.

2. If the tension strength of the screen net is not enough,it will cause tremble of the screen, which will generally cause crack or damage along the screen edge or package .

3.The screen net usually includes the upper screen layer and lower the stress of the layer,and generally these two layers fit closely. If the tension process of the joint is poor, the screen layer will fail to tensioning when the bottom of the screen mesh force, which will cause a huge distance of the screen quivering up and down when the vibrating screen works and it can not compact effectively with the part which contact to the screen box, which also is the factor of causing damage of the screen net rapidly.

4. The problem of material feeding: In the working process of the vibration sieve there is a continuously feeding, but if the material feeds too much at once, which will block the normal movement of materials at the sieve surface.It will not only cause the screen net become loose easily and will greatly reduce the material throughput. One-time giving a lot of material can cause the motor running a sudden increase load that itself was not in balance, which is not only easy to damage the screen net and easy to cause the damage of vibration motor.

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