Impact Crusher in the Future Development Trend

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Impact Crusher in the Future Development Trend Empty Impact Crusher in the Future Development Trend

Post  juice on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:00 am

Impact crusher is a new high efficiency crushing equipment, which is characterized by small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio ( up to 40 ), low energy consumption, large production capacity, product with uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect. It is a promising crushing machinery. But its biggest drawback is that the plate hammer and impact plate wears easily. Especially the impact crusher is used for crushing hard rock, the wear is more serious. So they need replacing frequently. At present, due to a number of wear-resistant materials, the situation has been improved a lot.

In general, the developing trend of a impact crusher in the future of domestic and international is mainly manifested in the following few aspects:

First, It is necessary to improve the existing crusher structure and to improve its crushing capacity of crushing medium hard ore and the convenience of equipment maintenance. The improvement mainly focus on that the improving of rotor plate hammer structure is in favor of the replacement and clamping of the plate hammer. And the optimization impacting frame ( the crushing cavity shape ) structure is to increase the crushing rate at a time and the utilization ratio of energy.

Second, Research and develop the new plate hammer material with high wear resistance and high toughness to improve the service life of the plate hammer as well as improve productivity.

Third, The application of modern mechanical and electrical integration of technology and modern control methods ( such as hydraulic technology, electronic technology ) has continuously improved the degree of automation of the impact crusher, which reduce labor intensity of workers and improve productivity. For example: the application of modern computer aided design optimizes the structure parameters of impacting frame, which improves the energy utilization rate and the crushing rate of the ore.

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