Effective Measures to Maintain the Ball Grinding Mill

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Effective Measures to Maintain the Ball Grinding Mill Empty Effective Measures to Maintain the Ball Grinding Mill

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The ball mill is one of the most important devices in the processing production line, and its main component. In the following, Henan Fote will introduce about some notes should be paid attention in the running of ball mill: For the maintenance of ball mill operation, the above is not enough; we should also take some effort in some of these areas:

1. After normally starting equipment, adjust additional water and the amount of ore to ensure normal process operating conditions.

2. Timely to check each part bearing temperatures and lubrication, check whether the hydraulic oil temperature is normal, to prevent the oil into the pulp to influence the election indicators.

3. Implement the provisions of the technical operation, timely measure the amount of ore grading and the overflow concentration. According to the nature of the ore and feed size, timely adjust the grinding machine grinding concentration, the size and the amount of sand back guarantee grading overflow roll fineness meet the beneficiation process requirements, and create good conditions for the sorting operation.

4. Regularly supplement the steel ball by the provisions of the technical operation.

5. Observe milling equipment, timely record the size of the voltage and current of the main motor, grasp the wear of equipment parts.

6. Check whether the ministries screws loose and equipment vibrates or has unusual sound, if find screw loose, timely tighten to prevent ore fall into gear and hollow bush.

7. If blackout without notice, we shall promptly close the valve.

In the operation, the main bearing lubricating oil temperature does not exceed 55 ℃. When the several ball mills are equipped in the same workshop, it cannot at the same time start two synchronous machine, because of its power is very large, more than one is likely to cause too large current, and cause voltage instability. Therefore, you can only start a ball mill. When main bearing is badly worn, it should be replaced. Feeding and discharge screw should be timely replaced if worn.

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