Introduction to Installation Order of Hammer Crusher

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Introduction to Installation Order of Hammer Crusher  Empty Introduction to Installation Order of Hammer Crusher

Post  juice on Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:33 pm

The installation order for hammer crusher is as followings: first install the middle rotor partial, and then place it in the box, and then install the bearing end cap, then are the bearings and the outer bearing. The last are the two ends of the pulley and flywheel.

The required shaft diameter of each shaft section of the hammer crusher is related to the size of the load of the shaft. Even its diameter is initially identified, you still cannot determine the moment of the size and distribution. Therefore also cannot according to the specific load and the caused stress suffered by the shaft to determine the diameter of the spindle. However, prior to its structural design, spindle torque can be usually obtained. Therefore, we can initially get the shaft torque preliminary estimate of the desired diameter of the shaft. And note the obtained value as the minimum diameter, and then according to the spindle assembly programs and positioning requirements, from at one by one to determine the size of the diameter of the shaft section. In addition, the shaft section with the requirements of the specification should be adopted in diameter, such as device bearing shaft segment, the device specifications pieces of the shaft segment, should be taken as a specification diameter and selected with the tolerance.

Furthermore, as far as possible to make the structure of the hammer crusher shaft compact, to determine the length of each segment of the spindle. While also ensuring the adjustment space between rotor and pulleys, flywheels and bearing assembly, that is, it is necessary to take into account the various parts with the spindle with a partial axial size and phase o between parts necessary clearance to determine the length of each segment.

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