Ways to Ensure the Normal Operation of Briquette Macine

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Ways to Ensure the Normal Operation of Briquette Macine Empty Ways to Ensure the Normal Operation of Briquette Macine

Post  juice on Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:02 am

Mineral powder briquetting machine workshop need 5 person to guard the production line, to ensure the normal operation of briquette equipment and the stability of the production efficiency, in the working process of the machinery, The stand or fall of installation assembly quality directly determines the working state of iron powder briquette machine is good or bad. Different types of briquette making equipment demand is not the same on the assembly technology, but still have a lot of work in the assembly process is to abide by the main points. In the assembly process should mainly pay attention to the following points:

1) Proper usage of lubricant. The surface of the contact tightly, before the match or connection, usually need to add lubricant. Especially the bearing parts of the spindle box parts, Screw nut of lifting mechanism. Proper use of lubricant, can reduce wear and prolong the service life of equipment.

2) some accessories with special requirements. For example: the seal should be parallel to press into the seal groove, not twisted, scratch sealing surface.

3) cleaning of the accessories parts. The parts surface finish and cleanliness make equipment better together. Cleaning work including removal of residual casting processing molding sand, electric welding, cutting, etc, especially important parts should be painted anticorrosive paint.

4) The combination of the surface should check whether level off, without deformation, otherwise should trim, deburring, to guarantee the joint surface contact closely, flat, not skewed. Match the dimension accuracy of the parts, to cooperate with sizes in the assembly should be rechecked or sampling. For example: main shaft journal and bearing parts, the spindle box with bearing hole and the center distance.

5) The assembly of roller, requires axis of two wheel gear must be in the same plane, and parallel to each other, should guarantee normal gear clearance, at the same time, the axial dislocation ≤2 mm.

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