Introduction to The Design Principle of Aluminum Ball Mill

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Introduction to The Design Principle of Aluminum Ball Mill  Empty Introduction to The Design Principle of Aluminum Ball Mill

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Aluminum powder is commonly known as silver, this is the silver metallic pigment. The pigment use the aluminum powder particles that is flaky, it is for this scaly particles state, so the aluminum powder has metallic and shielding function. Aluminum powder is qualitative light, floating high, strong hiding power, heat and light reflection performance are good. After processing, it can become the float type aluminum powder. Aluminum powder can be used to identify fingerprints, also can do the fireworks. Aluminum powder for wide USES, high demand, many varieties, so it is one of the categories of metallic pigment. The dry process production is widely used in the ball mill grinding at now. the following henan Fote will introduce the principle and advantage of aluminum ball mill.

The design principle:

Henan dajia mining machinery company design and product the aluminum ball mill, the principle of ball mil is: Horizontal cylindrical rotating device, gear transmission, the outer two positions, grate ball mill. Material composed of feeding device through the hollow shaft spiral evenly into the mill first warehouse, the warehouse has ladder plate or corrugated plate, built in different specifications of steel ball, cylinder rotate falling after the ball to a certain height, the centrifugal force is generated on the material and grinding effect. Material in the first warehouse after reaching coarse grinding, by monolayer partition storehouse board into the second warehouse, the warehouse with a flat plate, inside the steel ball, will further grinding material. Powder through the unloading Bi board, finish grinding homework.

The high performance and low maintenance rate of ball mill can ensure the aluminum powder production line has information work and bring more benefits to the company. Henan da jia mining machinery company provides the high performance aluminum ball mill and also get the vast number of customer satisfaction. We can product the equipment as your specific requirements.

micro powder grinding mill:


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