What Are the Main Features of Three-ring Grinding Mill

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What Are the Main Features of Three-ring Grinding Mill Empty What Are the Main Features of Three-ring Grinding Mill

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With the development of mining, construction, chemistry, engineering and other industries, the three-ring mill presents a good momentum of development under a good developmental situation of the whole mechanical industry. In addition, the '12th five-year plan' gives a firm support to its development. At the same time, the international demand of it is increasing and gives a strong motivation to it. Now its main developmental direction is to create new growth points brought by product upgradation and new products research.

Now, the three-ring mill is faced with a good developmental opportunity which is mainly shown in the following aspects:

The grinding equipment has a fast upgrading pace, especially for the small mill. The total number accounts for 20% of mill industry, which provides a strong motivation for its rapid development.

Mineral resources have been an important aspect of national economy and greatly push the local economy forward. In the materials deep processing industry, crusher and three-ring mill have been popular machines in today. After a long time of experiment, Hongxing three-ring mill has get a glorious achievement and we can customize machines according to the needs of different customers from basic design to equipment installation and regulation. The customized machines are more energy saving and can bring higher economic benefits.

Main features of three-ring mill:

1. This mill is efficient and energy saving. Under the same condition of raw materials, power and final granularity, its output is 40% higher than air-stream mill and mixing mill.

2. This mill has a long service life. Under the same condition of raw materials and final granularity, the quick wear components of three-ring mill have a longer service life, about 1 year or longer, compared with that of impact crusher and turbine crusher.

3. There are no rolling bearing or screw in the grinding chamber. So there is no problem like machine damage brought by bolt or sealing components loosing of bearing or bolts.

4. The final granularity can achieve d97≤5μm one time.

At the present, Fote Heavy Machinery has set up three state level machinery research institutes, and we also produce various kinds of potash feldspar grinding mill, micro powder mill and free service for assembling various kinds of production line.
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