How can Rotary Dryer Reduce Consumption in Working Process

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How can Rotary Dryer Reduce Consumption in Working Process Empty How can Rotary Dryer Reduce Consumption in Working Process

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Furthermore, China dryers have well adaptability and they are generally applied in drying granular and massive ore, and they can also roast the cream materials with comparative high humidity and the mineral waste residue with the advantages such as large capacity, high flexibility, and convenient operation. And the energy consumption phenomenon is particularly obvious performance in mining industry, so here we share how to achieve reduce consumption and save energy in rotary dryer machine working process.

The solution have three terms as following:

1. The design of hot air distributor. Hot air distributor is the important equipment in overallrotary drum dryer , the contact of all hot air and wet materials cannot be done without the hot air distributor distributing. Perfect design of hot air distributor can perfectly feed the hot air into the cylinder body to make contact with the wet material,having a direct effect on the material drying degree,so the material can meet the effect required, and it reduces unnecessary loss.

2.Choice of heat source. The rotary dryer is a device using heat to dry the materials,so the selection of good heat source has played a very important role. The heat source can be divided into electric heater, gas burner, fuel combustion, coal fired furnace and so on.Among them, electric heater is usually used for small drying equipment, such as the laboratory, there is generally no pollution.

3.Select converter. Converter is the important equipment of fan, selection of appropriate converter can greatly save electric energy. As we all know, the fan drying machine needs is generally large, and often operates continuously. But air quantity required in all the material drying stages is different, the use of frequency converter can artificially control the rotation speed of speed, saving about 30% power. Therefore, selection of frequency converter is the first step of energy saving measures.

As the conditions of earth environment is deteriorated seriously and resources are consumed too much , save energy and reduce consumption has become a difficult take for every enterprise. The enterprise has put more effect into reduce consumption aspect. And the user began to seek more effectively way to reduce the energy consumption.

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