Can building waste be used to make sand?

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Can building waste be used to make sand? Empty Can building waste be used to make sand?

Post  juice on Mon Feb 24, 2014 9:45 pm

The materials are crushed granite , basalt, limestone , quartzite , gneiss , cement clinker , concrete aggregate , ceramic materials , iron ore, gold, copper , alumina , bauxite , silica , etc.Mechanisms sand making production line the market demand increases, so that investors see making profits, have engaged in limestone crushing industry . Building materials commonly used limestone gravel , pebbles , etc., as raw material , while Shanghai Hongxing sand making machine for the fifth generation of production and processing of these materials has a very big advantage, even with the support of the construction of sand particles , high compressive strength , to achieve national construction sand standards, can greatly improve the quality of the building.I would be in accordance with the process according to the different requirements of various types of equipment are combined to meet the technological requirements of different customers .

Multiple broken ways , to meet the different needs of material crushing .Sand and other devices share a common basic features , its design is superior to squeeze . I designed the stone production line , successfully applied in limestone, basalt , granite, pebbles and other rock crushing process .Energy efficient environmentally friendly sand crushing equipment is bound to make a great contribution to the infrastructure . Pebble crusher : sand making machine artificial sand crusher , impact crusher , 5xsand making machine artificial sand, sand making plastic machines and other equipment .The face of fierce market competition , the government vigorously promote the elimination of backward production capacity, improve the use efficiency, gravel crusher will become more effective means. Save power . Older -type device to save power more than 40%.Handling large uniform size . The maximum throughput of up to 520 t / h , compared with conventional devices under the same power output increased by 30% and stable. The product was a cube, grain shape is good , gradation and fineness modulus is adjustable, especially for artificial sand and stone shaping.

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