The developing tendency of sand making industry

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The developing tendency of sand making industry Empty The developing tendency of sand making industry

Post  juice on Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:12 am

Currently artificial sand has become the mainstream of construction sand. VC Sand naking machine can make all kinds of rocks, gravel, river gravel, etc. into compliance with various granularity construction sand,sand uniform particle size, high strength, more consistent than natural sand building requirements will enhance the architectural quality. Because of these advantages,sand making machine become lovely product by customers. Sand maker also called vertical shaft impact crusher is mainly used for processing fine grade abrasive material crushing work. Development for almost a hundred years sand making equipment, how to increase product machine wear it? In the bottom of the machine spindle has a pyramidal structure, as long as the suspension unit set for the spindle here, you can improve the stability of the whole machine running, and you can eliminate vibration and improve the life of the machine.

In the development of low-carbon environment gradually being taken seriously now, Hongxing Machinery sand maker is still able to lead the development trend, which not only improves the production of sand making sand ratio and production efficiency, protect the productivity and efficiency through reduced energy consumption broken, compared with the traditional sand making machine, toward a low-carbon environmentally friendly production and a major step forward. The new VSI crusher launched by Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. is the exclusive production in China of high-performance crushing equipment with the world's advanced level. By adopting the deep cavity type rotor, the material throughput of the VSI crusher is increased by about 30%. The optimal discharge mouth and internal smooth curved shape design reduce the flow resistance of materials and greatly improve the through capacity. In addition, the sand making equipment has low noise and no pollution. Unique air circulation system greatly reduces the outside air volume and dust. The new sand maker is the most practical, advanced and environment-friendly fine crushing equipment.

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