Crusher is important equipment for sand making

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Crusher is important equipment for sand making Empty Crusher is important equipment for sand making

Post  juice on Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:21 pm

Crusher is important equipment in sand production, mining, chemical industry, cement preparation, socrusher plays an important role in the process of industrialization in our country. As the pillar industry of national economy, the development of crusher industry is particular important. With the rapid development of China economy, the transformation of development situation and the acceleration of infrastructure construction, the technial standards of crusher industry continue to rise in domestic, gradually become important supporting industry for national industrial manufacturing industry, and performance, quality, technology and other aspects of crusher equipment have also improved to some extent. But in the era with serious product homogeneity, perfect brand and after-sale service become the key in the market competition.

Jaw crusher works as dynamic squeezing type, and its working principle is the motor drives belt and pulley, makes the jaw move up and down through eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw rises, the angle between bracket and moving jaw becomes larger, pushing the moving jaw plate toward fixed jaw plate as well as the materials are crushed, achieve the purpose of crushing; When moving jaw down, the angle between bracket and moving jaw becomes smaller, moving jaw plate, under the function of bar and spring, is away from the fixed jaw plate, and at this time, the crushed materials discharged from crushig cavity. With continuous rotation of motor and the moving jaw of crusher does periodic motion to crushe and discharge materials to realize mass production.

The government encourages to seeking mine as well as strengthens the condolidation to the mining market. As a large number of small coal mines, the cement enterprise are closed, the new large-scale processing plant, large coal preparation plant and large cement plant begin to construct, which puts forward higher requirements to mining equipment, urgent need energy conservation and environmental protectioncrushing equipments wiht large processing capacity, high separating efficiency and reliable operation. Automation, large sacle, high efficiency and energy saving of environmental protection mining equipments is the future development of crushing machines in mining machinery equipment manufacturers. The new type sand maker product researched and developed by Henan Hongxing heavy industry hs adopted the hydraulic system, which not only improves the safety in operation, but also accelerates the full automation of equipment.

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